Hot Water System Specialist

Hot Water Brigade are experts in all things gas, electric and instantaneous hot water. Whether it be repair, replacement, installation or advice – our team are up-to-date with current industry knowledge and have the experience to help you with all your hot water requirements.

Hot Water Installation

Looking for local plumbers that specialise in Hot Water? Whether it be repair, installation or servicing, Hot Water Brigade provides same day service.

Servicing Melbourne’s North-West Suburbs: from Greensborough to Sunbury and right through Hoppers Crossing.

Hot Water Brigade are qualified and licensed team of plumbers, gasfitters and electricians that can help you with hot water repairs and installation.

We can help you with gas and electric hot water brands that we personally trust. Some of these are:

  • Rinnai hot water
  • Rheem hot water
  • Bosch hot water
  • Dux hot water
  • Aqua hot water
  • Vulcan hot water

Homeowners mostly choose gas hot water systems as they provide plentiful supplies of hot water on demand, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Hot Water Brigade are equipped to deal with repairs, maintenance and servicing of all types of gas hot water systems. This includes both gas storage tanks and continuous flow (instantaneous) systems that are powered by either LPG or natural gas.

Many of the problems we encounter when called out to repair and service a hot water systems are connected to the element or thermostat.

We can install both instantaneous electric hot water systems, as well as electric hot water tanks. If you’re unsure whether your current hot water system is meeting your needs, or you are looking at installing a new one, just give us a call and we can give you all the information you need.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

We are also equipped to repair and service all types of heat pump (reverse cycle) hot water systems, and are skilled at working on all major brands and appliance types.

In addition to service and repairs, we can advise and guide you on the retrospective fitting of heat pump units to existing electric hot water systems.

Solar Hot Water Systems

We are able to deal with most of the problems that homeowners encounter with solar hot water systems, including leaking solar panels and leaking connectors or valves.

We can service and repair solar hot water systems where the water storage tank is located in the roof along with your solar panels (close-coupled system) or at ground level (split system).

Need a plumber to fix your hot water unit? Contact the team at Hot Water Brigade

Let us help you choose the right hot water system for your family...

If you’re considering a new hot water system for your home or business, you might have realised that there is a huge range of hot water heaters currently on the market.

When choosing a hot water system for your home you need to take the following into consideration like the size of your home, the type of hot water system that is efficient and reliable and how you use your hot water, these are only some of the few things that you have to consider.

  • Different types of hot water that are available in the Australian market:
  • Heat pump hot water
  • Gas storage or gas continuous flow
  • Electric storage or electric continuous flow
  • Solar hot water
Hot Water Repairs

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