Electric Hot Water Systems in Melbourne

At Hot Water Brigade, we supply, install, service, and repair a vast range of electric hot water systems and hot water heaters from all of Australia’s leading brands, proudly servicing Melbourne and surrounding areas. 

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We know that energy-efficient water heating is a priority for most Melburnian homes. Because of this, we have an expert team of staff and technicians ready to guide you every step of the way – we offer independent expert advice on products from all of the main water heater manufacturers, a full installation service, and an emergency repairs and maintenance service.

Hot Water Installation

Types of Electric Water Heaters

Electric heating is available as either a continuous flow system or instantaneous system, much like the gas systems. Electric water heaters work much like a kettle – the water is heated via an internal element within a storage tank that’s insulated. Continuous flow systems will only heat the water while the tap has been turned on, this keeps your water hot while keeping your energy bills low.

Electric hot water systems are generally the cheapest to purchase with the lowest installation costs. Everything about your new system, down to the water tank can be selected with various functions and sizes, depending on your needs and what will serve your lifestyle best – from a small tank for apartments to larger tanks for bustling households. 

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What is the best electric hot water system in Australia?

Historically, electric hot water systems have been far more common in Australia than gas systems, mostly because there have been less available natural gas mains supply networks in many main metropolitan areas. In those homes where natural gas is available, over time electric heating tanks have been less popular, as they tend to be less energy efficient and to take up a bit more space. Nowadays, there are a number of continuous electric hot water choices that operate completely without a tank.

The recommended size of your electric storage system will depend on how much hot water your entire household needs. Electric hot water systems come in various sizes, so depending on the size of your home and are made by reputable and trusted brands to bring you peace of mind.

Although many brands are similar, no two brands are the same. Speak to our consultants to help you determine which type and brand of hot water system is best for you.

We work with all  brands, including Rheem, Rinnai, Chromogen, Durham, Dux, Bosch, Aquamax and anything else under the sun!

Hot Water Repairs

Choosing the right electric hot water system

An electric hot water system is a hot water system that uses electric energy to heat water for residential or commercial use.  Electric hot water systems either heat water for instantaneous use or store hot water in a tank, insulating it to be used later on. Choosing the right electric hot water system can be tricky. That’s why we’re here. 

Electric hot water heaters and systems hopefully don’t require much thought until it’s time to fix or upgrade. It’s hard to know which system is the best possible choice. At Hot Water Brigade we guide you through this process and give recommendations  based on capacity, price, running costs, and years of experience in the industry. 

Before choosing the right system for you, speak to one of our technicians to help choose the best type of system for your needs. 

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